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Apple kicks off September iPhone event with impressive facts and figures

As expected, Apple kicked off its iPhone announcement event with a quick rundown of numbers that reflect how well its core business units are performing. It followed that up with some staggering facts and figures about its new hardware. Here are some of the figures Apple has announced: Apple's ...

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Apples and Orange: the Kindle Fire HD

A year ago, I compared the new Kindle Fire with the Apple iPad. Fast-forward to last week, when Amazon introduced its new, larger HD model. With low-cost, built-in LTE, and a $50/year data plan that gives users 250 MB of data per month, it provides a budget alternative to the iPad. I've used ...

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Wall Street Journal confirms iTunes TV show rentals [Update: Netflix on Apple TV claimed by BusinessWeek]

TV shows and iTunes go back several years now, to October 2005. If iTunes TV show sales have not been as brisk over those five years as Apple and the studios might have hoped, perhaps a less expensive rental solution might introduce vigor to the TV market. This afternoon, the Wall Street Journal ...

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Apple to hold media event on September 1st

It's official -- the media invites have just gone out from Apple to invite the select outlets to a company event on Wednesday, September 1st. That's a week earlier than BusinessWeek's prediction. Apple has historically used a September event to introduce new iPods and announce enhancements to th...

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