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Improvements at Foxconn's China factory

Foxconn has been under the microscope due to excessive overtime and poor working conditions at its Chinese production facilities. A report in the New York Times suggests the company is making changes that'll improve the workplace for its 1.4 million employees in China. These improvements includ...

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TechCrunch looks at Apple's fight against the grey market in China

M.I.C. Gadget has an interesting post on Apple's efforts to reduce the influx of iPhones into the grey market with its new Shenzhen store. For years, Apple has been battling scalpers who either illegally import iPhones or buy them in bulk from Apple retail stores and resell them at a profit in ...

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To migrate or not to migrate: that is the upgrade question

Face it, a simple migration saves you lots of work. Apple's Migration Assistant transfers information when you set up your new Mac, letting you retain all your preferences and passwords on your new system. You pick up one one machine where you left off on another. So why do so many of us here at...

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A look inside Shenzhen's first Apple Store

Shenzhen, China is the place where many Apple products come from. Foxconn has factories there that crank out the fruited electronics by the millions, and stories of the legions of workers who build those products are legend. Now Shenzhen is getting its first Apple Store, and M.I.C. Gadget was o...

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Fair Labor Association reports on Apple, Foxconn progress

The Fair Labor Association, a "collaborative effort of universities, civil society organizations and socially responsible companies dedicated to protecting workers' rights around the world," has been working with Apple on audits and recommendations to keep workers at supplier Foxconn's plants saf...

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Apple preps two new retail stores in China despite Proview threats

Apple currently has five stores in China -- three in Shanghai and two in Beijing -- but the company is hoping to open two new flagship stores in Chengdu and Shenzhen to bolster sales in the country. At this point in time, China is a hot market for Apple, with the country accounting for a signif...

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Fair Labor Association finds multiple violations at Foxconn facilities

The Fair Labor Association has announced the first results of its Foxconn investigation. The report documents more than 50 violations or policy gaps including excessive overtime, unpaid wages and low salaries that can't cover the workers' basic necessities. The results in this report came from ...

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Foxconn to hire safety, lifestyle pros at Apple factory

Life appears to be getting better for the thousands of workers who build our favorite Apple devices in China. Foxconn, the company that builds iPhones and iPads for Apple, is now hiring for several positions that are related to oversight of safety and lifestyle issues at its facilities. According ...

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Report: major creditor seeks liquidation of Apple opponent Proview

According to a Xinhua News Agency report, creditors are putting pressure on Proview to declare bankruptcy and liquidate its assets. Leading the effort is Fubon Insurance, a Taiwanese company that's seeking to recoup US$8.68 million from the struggling Chinese firm. Fubon employees have refused to ...

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China higher court hears Apple's iPad appeal

Apple and Proview went head-to-head in a Chinese court this morning. Apple argued in the Higher People's Court of Guangzhou that it owns the right to use the iPad trademark in China. Proview's lawyers argued that Apple bought the trademark from Proview's Taiwan subsidiary, not the one in Shenzhen....

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iPad 2 production may not be affected by explosion at Foxconn plant

Asian tech industry blog Digitimes has reported on two seemingly contradictory stories regarding how Friday's tragic explosion at the Foxconn plant in Chengdu China will affect iPad 2 production. In one post, Digitimes states that production has been suspended at the Chengdu plant. Although the...

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Foxconn hiring and relocating 400,000 workers

The recent issues at Foxconn haven't actually slowed the company down, apparently -- it has announced that it will be hiring 400,000 more workers at new plants in China, thanks to a 50 percent increase in revenue lately. The total number of people working at Foxconn will be estimated at 1.3 million...

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