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Gen 2 lilitab adds easy on/off, MagKey to iPad kiosk

When we last checked in on the lilitab tablet kiosk product 18 months ago, the sturdy and economical stand delivered a sleek, minimalist look for retail and exhibit environments. Rolling forward to new tablet models, however, required replacing the entire head unit, and the fixed viewing angle was...

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Lilitab iPad kiosk hits the mark on price, simplicity

Having the iPad serve as a portable, simple display kiosk or showcase is terribly tempting. For one thing, now that the 16GB iPad 2 has dropped in price due to the new iPad launch, it's more affordable than ever. For another, getting that touch interaction right in front of your customers or exhib...

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Showcase Quicksilver interface

A reader tipped us off to this very cool new interface for Quicksilver called Showcase from Julius Eckert. It's basically pure eye-candy, but what eye-candy it is! Taking its cue from Cover Flow it leverages Leopards Core Animation technologies to, er, showcase Leopard's graphical goodness. While ...

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Widget Watch: Showcase your TiVo's content on your Mac

Unfortunately, an HD TiVo was too expensive for me in 2007, and none of my friends or relatives ponied up the cash to get me one as a gift this holiday season, so I'm forced to settle with the extremely inferior Comcast HD DVR box. But for you TiVo owners, here's an awesome plugin to easily and st...

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