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TUAW One-to-One with Jonathan Kressaty of Levers

In this episode of One-to-One, I'm speaking with Jonathan Kressaty of the marketing analytics company, Levers. Kressaty moved to San Francisco a short while ago, and we spend most of the episode talking about public perceptions of the Bay area's tech scene versus what it is really like from someone ...

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The Homebrew Computer Club first met 38 years ago today

Today marks the 38th anniversary of the first Homebrew Computer Club meeting. The Homebrew Computer Club was an eclectic collection of computer enthusiasts who gathered to meet and talk about tech. It was started in 1975 by Gordon French and Fred Moore. The first meeting was held in French's ...

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Apple setting up another data center in Silicon Valley

We haven't even officially been told what's up with the data center in North Carolina, but apparently Apple wants more -- the company is also setting up another new data center much closer to home in Silicon Valley. The 11,000 square-foot setup is smaller than the big complex in North Carolina,...

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Apple visited the iPhone 4G's finder before the police did

With all of the chaos going on around the lost iPhone case, everyone has more or less assumed that Apple is behind the police department's actions in searching Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen's house late last week. Of course, no one believes that the sheriff is working for Apple, but most people seem to ...

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Apple founders film released as DRM-free download

TUAW reader Steve pointed us to this article about "In Search of Silicon Valley". It's a film about a trio (Steve O'Hear, Fleeta Siegel and Selwyn George) who travels from London to Silicon Valley, tracks down Apple pioneers Woz, Hertzfeld, Raskin, and Kawasaki as well as other net luminaries like ...

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Apple buys data center for ~$50 million

With all the hub-bub about the fabled special event, we just got around to posting the news that Apple recently bought a giant data center in Newark, California for an estimated $45 to $50 million dollars. This 107,000 foot center was originally intended for MCI Worldcom back in 2001, but was never ...

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