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iPhone 4S-specific iOS build is for "No SIM Card Installed" errors

Last Thursday Apple quietly issued a new build of iOS 5.0.1 specifically for the iPhone 4S. There were no release notes issued with the new build and users who had already installed and earlier build of 5.0.1 on their iPhone 4S couldn't update to the new one without restoring their iPhone. The ...

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AT&T also working with Apple on shrinking SIMs

Back in May, an Orange executive told Reuters that Apple had proposed a standardized SIM card that would be smaller than those currently found in the iPad and iPhone 4. Orange was apparently supportive of Apple's efforts to create the smaller SIM and now it looks like AT&T also is throwing it...

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Apple pushing for smaller SIM card standard with Orange's backing

An Orange executive told Reuters that Apple has proposed a standardized SIM card that is smaller than those currently found in the iPad and iPhone 4. Apple says the design would allow the company to produce thinner mobile devices. Orange's head of mobile services, Anne Bouverot, told Reuters th...

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Ongoing rumors about the integrated SIM card

Last month, we talked about the rumor that Apple is developing an integrated SIM card. This integration would allow the user to activate his phone with any service carrier by simply downloading an app. Apple would include a generic SIM card in the mobile device like an iPad or iPhone, and the new us...

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Rumor: Apple, Gemalto working on integrated SIM

GigaOM is reporting on a rumor that Apple has been working with security firm Gemalto, a simcard manufacturer, to create a software-reconfigurable SIM that will be directly integrated into future European iPhones. The iPhone would then be activated on the carrier of your choice by downloading a carr...

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SIM card swappin' and the early snap of iPhonation

So maybe, contrary to previous reports, you will be able to swap out that SIM card on your iPhone. Although, with all things Apple, they would prefer you only use what they give you. The official word is "Other SIM cards may not work." Most AT&T cards will probably work. In other news: For a qui...

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