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Three new apps support console games from iOS

As if there aren't enough apps that supplement or promote console games, here are three more that have appeared recently. First up is Dragon Shout (free), the Skyrim-mapping app that was released a few weeks ago. It's quite handy, and players can use it to find almost anything in the vast and...

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5 iOS Apps for Skyrim

Skyrim is an action, role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios that's filled with magic, potions, and dragon shouts. The game follows the main character's quest to defeat Alduin and the other dragons that returned to Skyrim. It's the fifth installment in the Elder Scroll series and o...

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Read all of Skyrim's literature on your iPad

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim isn't available on the Mac yet, but odds are that if you're a big fan of gaming, you're probably already playing it on consoles or the PC. Bethesda's latest role-playing game is just a massive piece of world-building, with tons of dungeons to crawl through, a huge wo...

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