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Testing for OS X vs iOS

Yesterday, I was messing around building shared NSLayoutConstraint code to be used across iOS and OS X. I put in a few #if TARGET_OS_MAC directives, assuming they'd just work. They didn't. Turns out that you should always check for TARGET_OS_IPHONE first, before TARGET_OS_MAC because the latt...

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Majority of customers install games first on iOS devices

Online survey site Scoople just conducted one of its decidedly non-scientific, reader-directed polls of 139 respondents. 139 souls is hardly a representative sample of the over 3 million people who purchased a new iPad in the last week. However, we are dutifully reporting that 56 percent of tho...

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TUAW picks the 10 worst App Store search phrases

Recently Fortune picked the 10 dumbest iPhone apps for 2009. In response, I thought we should pick ten search phrases that are more or less guaranteed to produce a list of horrible applications. Our list follows. Are they the worst possible search terms? Probably not. But they're certainly guarantee...

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