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Apple wins patents for Smart Covers, iTunes Store, Time Machine and more

Patently Apple reports that Apple had acquired a number of new patents to its arsenal today. Among the 25 patents issued to the company include: A second patent for the iTunes store and its rental system, originally filed in January 2008 A fifth patent for Time Machine, covering a user...

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TUAW TV Live: It's the iPad 2 aftershow, and you're all invited

This afternoon on TUAW TV Live, I'll be joined by several of my TUAW compatriots over Skype as we ponder the mysteries of the new iPad 2. By the time the show's on, we will have all had time to digest the details of the iPad 2, iMovie for iOS, GarageBand for iPad, iOS 4.3 and, of course, the ...

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Apple announces Smart Covers for iPad

After the lackluster reception to the original Apple iPad case, a new product called Smart Covers was introduced alongside the iPad 2 today. The case will come in five colors in both polyurethane and leather -- the poly costing $39 and the leather $69. The cover is more like a cover flap that...

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Apple patents "Smart Covers" for devices

Apple has patented a new kind of cover or skin for devices like the iPhone and iPad. The "smart covers" deliver a paradigm shift for electronic device covers, according to the patent. Apple notes that traditional skins and covers only provide protection from dents and scratches. A smart device co...

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