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5 Smart Playlists to help you manage your iTunes library

Smart playlists have been a feature of iTunes since version 3.0 (circa 2002), and they provide a means for you to create automatically-updated playlists that fit a certain criteria. For me, they serve as a hands-off way to stay up-to-date on my latest music and Podcasts, as well as a repository ...

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iTunes 101: Wrangle your iTunes LPs with Smart Playlists

Photo courtesy of Jay Robinson Earlier we mentioned how to explore the iTunes LP format and how easy it is to peek inside and check out all of the non-Flash, CSS-based awesomeness. But if you happen to be somewhat less geeky, it's pretty likely that your definition of "exploring" iTun...

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Ask TUAW: AirPort Extreme bridge, iTunes smart playlists, USB drive backup, and more

Welcome back to Ask TUAW, our weekly Mac troubleshooting Q&A column! This time we've got questions on using an AirPort Extreme as a wireless to ethernet bridge, automatically backing up a USB flash drive, building smart playlists in iTunes, migrating an iTunes Library and more. As always, your ...

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Music-Only iTunes Playlists

43 Folders has some sweet Smart Playlist tips today. I personally know how annoying it is to put my iPod on shuffle play, just to get hit with some random book chapters off a ripped Book-on-CD. By setting up a playlist that avoids non-music genres, you create a "music only" playlist. Suggested "avoi...

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Ask TUAW: What's your favorite Smart Playlist?

While browsing Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes and Smart Playlists.com last night for some ideas on how to make iTunes do my bidding, it dawned on me that these handy tools of automated music wrangling might make for a great Ask TUAW discussion. After all: who doesn't love music, and who doesn't love...

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Quicksilver scripts for tagging iTunes songs, creating playlists

A MacOSXHints reader has put together an interesting set of Quicksilver scripts that will allow you to both easily tag your iTunes music as it is playing, and create on-the-fly playlists based on these tags. The way they work is simple: while music is playing in iTunes, you can use Quicksilver's tex...

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