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Avid Watch sports smartwatch launches on Kickstarter: A first look

Fitness wearables are the hot thing now, with a surprising number of new entrants rushing into the world where only Fitbit used to tread. Today, Vancouver-based AvidSport launched a Kickstarter campaign to get a new sports smartwatch called Avid Watch into production and in stores by April of 2015...

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What a week with the Moto 360 taught me about the Apple Watch

I love Apple gadgets, but I also love pretty much any type of new technology regardless of the brand. That's why a package arrived at my door last Monday from Motorola with a shiny new Moto 360 inside. Yep, the same Moto 360 that I tore apart after reviews made it clear that the watch wasn't del...

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Tag Heuer decides it wants to make a smartwatch, too

Just days after Apple's new smartwatch debut -- and subsequently panning the device in a way only a too-expensive-for-you luxury brand can -- TAG Heuer has decided it wants to make a smartwatch as well. "We want to launch a smartwatch at TAG Heuer," Jean-Claude Biver, who oversees watchmaking bran...

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The smartwatch bar is embarrassingly low, and it's Apple's for the taking

Smartwatches suck. They're crap. Shite. Excrement. Doo-doo. Pretty much universally, the wrist-worn devices we've seen so far are too big, too clunky, and overall a massive disappointment. That could change on Tuesday, when Apple will have a captive audience for one of its most important events in...

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Where do you want to wear your "wearable tech"? [Poll]

Samsung and several other companies have smart watches, and an even larger group of manufacturers make wrist-mounted activity trackers. But is the wrist really the right location for wearable technology? We want to know, so we're asking the experts -- you! Take our poll, then feel free to leave ...

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What would make you run out and buy an Apple-branded smartwatch?

What one feature would make you run out and buy an Apple-branded smartwatch?...

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This is Apple's first "smart watch"

We're all waiting for Apple's seemingly inevitable foray into the world of smart wearables, but you might not know that the company dabbled in the idea of a wrist-worn computing device as far back as the 1980s. The peculiar contraption you see above was designed to be wrapped around your wrist and...

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Pebble updates its iOS app with new apps, sharing options and v2.1 fix

Pebble today rolled out an update that brings its iOS App to version 2.1.1. The most notable feature in the latest version is a bug fix for version 2.1, which was released earlier this week and included a critical flaw that prevented users from managing their Pebble smartwatch from the application...

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Pebble updates its iOS app and launches smartwatch appstore

Pebble announced last week that it was rolling out its smartwatch appstore on Monday and now the repository is available for Pebble owners to explore. The appstore is bundled into the Pebble smartwatch app for the iPhone and lets owners browse through a catalog of new content for the original Pebb...

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Galaxy Gear features Apple should adopt (or abandon) for the iWatch

The tech world largely seems to have made its mind up that Apple will release its own smartwatch sometime in 2014. Personally, I'm skeptical. After witnessing the face-plant the Samsung Galaxy Gear performed, I'm not sure Apple would even be confident in testing the waters with an iWatch. But assu...

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New Pebble appstore and SDK 2.0 brings more functionality and ease of use to the smartwatch

Pebble, which started as a Kickstarter project, has been on an amazing growth curve. While the smartwatch market is still young, I feel like Pebble has hit a sweet spot for consumers. The use of an e-ink display maximizes battery and lowers cost; plus the water resistance and interchangeable bands...

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Confused by the Galaxy Gear? Apple released a better, cheaper watch in 2010

The smartwatch market is a weird one, so when a new device enters the fray it can be somewhat confusing to pinpoint exactly where it fits in. Samsung jumped in today with the reveal of the Galaxy Gear, a $299 smartwatch that, at launch, will work with exactly one smartphone, the Galaxy Note 3. Un...

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Pebble adds Gmail support to its iOS app

Pebble updated its iOS app and finally added the ability to receive email alerts on the smart watch. Previously, the Pebble watch could only receive incoming text messages and caller IDs from its companion iPhone. The new notification feature pings the Pebble watch when you get a new Gmail and IM...

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Poll: Wearable tech not wildly popular with Americans

Google's testing the Glass; Apple's rumored to be developing an iWatch. Even Dell, which seems to be falling off of the consumer electronics map, is reportedly looking at wearable tech. And Sony just released the SmartWatch 2, the watch-like device with a color TFT display seen at right. However, ...

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Pebble watch strikes deal with Best Buy

Pebble, the Kickstarter darling and harbinger of the smartwatch revolution, will break free from its online-only shackles shortly, as Best Buy has revealed that its stores will begin carrying the crowdfunded device on July 7th. Up until now, the ultra-capable timepiece was only available via the Kic...

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