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TextExpander gets all emoji-nal and preps for Mavericks

OS X Mavericks hits computers this fall and app developers are already preparing for it with broad smiles. Emoji smiles. TextExpander has launched version 4.1.1, bringing emojis and other new features to the popular typing shortcut application. Of course for people planning on updating to Maverick...

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TextExpander 3.2.2 available, fixes auto-capitalization bugs

TextExpander, a very useful application which will automatically expand various text macros for you, has been updated to 3.2.2. The release notes indicate that 3.2.1 was submitted to the Mac App Store, and that Dropbox syncing had been improved. The Smile Software blog also notes that auto-capitaliz...

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TextExpander 3.2 offers backup, restore

TextExpander, which allows you to create text shortcuts and macros, has been updated to version 3.2. Along with some bug fixes, it also adds the ability to easily backup and restore your shortcuts, including automatic backup and keyboard shortcuts to expand top search results. The backup/restore fea...

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Mac 101: Inserting or typing uncommon characters

As a Mac consultant, I'm often asked some pretty bizarre questions. One that I frequently hear is "How do I type <some special character> on my Mac?" A good example of this is people who want to type fractions that look like this -- ½ -- rather than like 1/2, or plop a character like ...

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SmileOnMyMac is now Smile

Going forward, the artists formerly known as SmileOnMyMac will now just be known as Smile. The name change reflects the company's more diversified software offerings outside of the Mac, which now include an iOS version of its popular app TextExpander on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. In addition ...

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