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Hipstamatic's Snap is a beautiful magazine worth having on the iPad

One of the best places to show off sumptuous design and photography is the iPad, and Hipstamatic is taking advantage of that with its new Snap magazine, a digital publication that combines Hipstamatic user pictures with print and other art that's completely free. AllThingsD billed Snap as a p...

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Snap! camera case for iPhone has working shutter button

Do you use your iPhone like a camera and want an authentic look and feel? Then you should check out the Snap! case from Bitplay. As noticed by Swiss Miss, the case mimics the outer casing of a retro camera and even has a working shutter button. The backside of the case has dials and buttons tha...

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Video App Demo: Snap!

Snap! is another camera app for your iPhone. However, instead employing of a bunch of wacky filters, Snap! allows you to add notes to your pictures. There are lots of options for changing the text properties, and a bunch of ways to share your images as well. All wrapped in a straightforward desig...

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