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iOS 4.2 and iPhone: New features, fixes and changes

Most of the focus on the forthcoming iOS 4.2 update has been on the iPad, and rightly so. The iPad is finally getting marquee features that most iPhone users have enjoyed for months, like multitasking and folder support. iOS 4.2 doesn't bring as many changes to the iPhone as it does to the iPad, but...

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Found Footage: iPad Alice comes to life

I'm not a huge Alice in Wonderland fan but I've got to give props to the developers behind this iPad realization of the book. They've taken Alice to a new place with their interactive graphics that simulate the kind of reader engagement you'd normally find in a pop-up book. Ben Roberts and Chris ...

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Macworld 2010: A peek behind the show floor curtain

If you've never seen how a big show like Macworld is put together, you might not realize the massive effort that goes into building and setting up all those booths. There's power, networking, furniture, carpeting, a ton of boxes and paraphernalia and in some cases specialized construction that can ...

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Sneak Peek: ColorSchemer Studio 2, pick your palette

As part of my trade, I work a lot with colors. ColorSchemer Studio has long been a valuable tool in my toolkit for picking out color schemes based on solid color theory. It had its shortcomings, though, and some other tools had surpassed it, both on the desktop and on the iPhone. However, I got a sn...

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WWDC Demo (and sneak peek): SciFly 2, a dogfight app for your iPhone or iPod touch

I was shocked to discover the young author of SciFly (iTunes link) hadn't even graduated high school when he first started coding, and wrote the original game while in high school. Based on his success with the first version, he dropped out of high school and has dedicated himself to iPhone develo...

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Video: Monkey Business Labs and Package Tracker 3 sneak peek

Click To Play Monkey Business Labs, makers of the fine TV Tracker and Package Tracker widgets show us what's new in their bag of widget tricks... Like a sneak peek at Package Tracker 3. If you thought version 2 was cool, stick around for the ending because version 3 will knock your...

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