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Study: iPhone's social media mentions are off the charts

The folks over at eBay Deals have just wrapped up an extensive study of smartphone mentions across major social media platforms and their results show a clearly defined picture of just how much Apple's iPhone dominates social media mentions compared to its competitors. The study looked at mentions...

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iPhone used to report on Arab Spring donated to Smithsonian

In late 2010, a series of anti-government protests and demonstrations began sweeping across the Arab world. Together, these civil uprisings, which often targeted heavy handed dictators and sought political reforms, comprised what is known as the Arab Spring. Social media tools such as Twitter pla...

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Path spam mishap brings renewed attention to privacy concerns

It seems that just when Path was emerging from one privacy PR nightmare, another one landed on its doorstep. The day after the company reached 10 million users, The Verge related the story of digital marketer Stephen Kenwright who had an unpleasant experience with the app. Kenwright downloaded the ...

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Daily iPhone App: Pushr posts your prose to a plethora of social networks

Pushr is for social media power users who want to share content across multiple services and multiple accounts. In its basic form, the app lets you create a message and share it across multiple social networks. You can also share comments, pictures and videos with only a few taps. You get a l...

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Little Printer to add tiny, adorable printing for iPhone and Android

Little Printer by Berg Cloud is a cute concept for a printer that'll produce a daily newspaper for you. It grabs the headlines from your social feeds, emails, news sources, horoscopes, puzzles and more. You can choose what it will print and when it will print using a companion app for your smar...

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Apple's termination of retail employee over Facebook post upheld

Apple employees wanting to blow off some steam on Facebook or Twitter may want to think twice before they post their comments. In a recent decision, the UK Labor tribunal upheld Apple's right to fire employees over negative comments left on a social network. This decision cited Apple's social m...

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Trimit reads, simplifies, and condenses web content for social networks

Trimit is a new app that promises to automatically summarize text. The idea is this: You enter a URL, trimit ingests the web page you pointed to, and then it spits back a condensed version at the length you specify. TUAW had a chance to take an early peek at this app, which is due to launch s...

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Ping now available on iPad

iPad users may have to wait a little longer than they'd like for features like multitasking and folder support, but at least one new feature is available right now: the iPad now supports Ping, Apple's stab at a social media component to the iTunes Store. Via an update to the iTunes Store's servers, ...

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New iTunes features Ping social media network

Steve Jobs announced iTunes 10 today, complete with a new logo. The core interface does not receive much tweaking, however in the list view there is a hybrid view where if you have more than 5 songs from the same album, it will show you the album artwork. Most of the new release's focus is on ...

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Apple cybersquatter is ousted from Twitter, but still no sign of @apple

Despite the huge number of companies and individuals that have Twitter accounts, our favorite Cupertino-based company has been strangely silent on the "social media" scene. While some conspiracy theorists out there might take that as proof that Apple is going to create their own Twitter-like notifi...

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Make your personal iPhone app in just 10 minutes

Have you ever secretly wished that you could have your own personal iPhone app? An app that you could give to friends, relatives, and your adoring fans? Now you can have your own iPhone (or Android, if you swing that way) app featuring all of your personal feeds from sources such as Twitter, Flic...

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Socialite (formerly Eventbox) out of beta, into your Mac

Socialite, the Mac social networking application formerly known as "Eventbox," has been released out of beta. The application is intended as a "one stop" for Twitter, Facebook, Google Reader, Flickr, Digg, and any site that supports RSS. I've used Eventbox for some time now, as well as Sociali...

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iPhoto2Twitter 1.5 adds movie and Mobypicture support

Back in June, TUAW reported on iPhoto2Twitter, an iPhoto plugin that provides an easy way to send photos from your iPhoto library to Twitter via TwitPic. Now the developer, Blue Crowbar Software, is back with an update that adds support for sending photos and movies from your iPhone or digital camer...

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