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Goal Zero's Solar Chargers light up the Outdoor Retailer show

The Outdoor Retailer show wrapped up on Sunday in Salt Lake City, Utah, and there were a surprising number of accessories and apps introduced at the annual trade show of interest to TUAW readers. Goal Zero, a company that specializes in portable solar chargers, introduced two new solar rechargi...

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Solar iPod charger available in black

The Solio is a solar-powered iPod charger that you can use to give your iPod (or phone, or PDA) some more juice when an outlet isn't available (we first took at look at the Solio in November of '04). With the iPod connected and the solar fans unfurled, the Solio will give your iPod one hour of life ...

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An iPod-charging golf bag

All right, that's really it. The iPod accessories are starting to get way out of hand. These bags by Soldius feature solar panes that connect to an integrated iPod dock (you can connect your cell phone as well). Prices range from $200US to $800. For $800, I had better get Rodney Dangerfield's bag fr...

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