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WWDC 2012 is sold out

And your time to purchase tickets for Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2012 is...over. (Bad news for devs in Hawaii.) We first got word that tickets went on sale about 8:30 ET. By 10:30 ET Apple had updated the WWDC page to announce the sell-out. We say "Enjoy the conference" to every...

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Third-gen iPads sell out in pre-order, European orders now show 2-3 week delivery

To the surprise of absolutely nobody who follows the fortunes of Apple closely, the third-generation iPad is already a huge success. CNET reported on Friday that the initial batch of pre-order iPads has sold out. We had previously reported that the ship-by date for the U.S. had slipped to March 19...

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Dateline NYC: Desperately seeking iPad

What's harder to find than a cheap apartment in Manhattan or a table at Per Se? According to Silicon Alley Insider, it's the iPad. The great slate will make you wait; it may be magical and/or revolutionary but it isn't to be found anywhere in the tri-state area (that's New York, New Jersey and Conne...

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WWDC 2008 sold out, scalpers on alert

With apologies to Carole King: "Now it's too late, bayyybeee, now it's too late, though we really did try to make it..." If you were waiting until the last minute to get your reservations in for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, aka WWDC 2008, you're out of luck. All available spaces at Apple...

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