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Sony denies rumored plans to exit iTunes

Sony is preparing to launch its Music Unlimited service in the US today and has used this occasion to debunk the rumor that it was pulling out of iTunes. A recent interview with Michael Ephraim, chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, hinted that Sony may leave iTunes if its own Mu...

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Sony hints at pulling music from iTunes

Sony introduced Music Unlimited in Europe last year and is slated to kick off the streaming music service in Australia soon. The subscription service has a library of 6 million tracks that can be streamed wirelessly to Sony TVs, Blu-ray players and the PlayStation 3 with support for portable device...

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Unofficial Lemmings for iPhone gets C&D

Developer Aaron Ardiri pulled off the crazy feat last week of porting the classic Lemmings game from Palm OS not only to the iPhone, but also to Windows and the Mac ... in just 36 hours. That's 36 hours straight -- he liveblogged the whole process, and did actually pull it off, sending the iPhone...

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