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WaveTap snags audio on your Mac with a keyboard shortcut

Recording audio on the Mac just got a little easier thanks to WavTap, a nifty audio utility created by Github user Patrick Ellis. Spotted by Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music, the tool lets you record audio on your Mac using a keyboard shortcut. You can use the customizable shortcut to both st...

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TUAW Tips: Send Mac audio to your iPhone for cheap

Earlier this month, I wrote about connecting my old Mac mini to my television . My mini offers a great Apple TV-style lifestyle with none of the Apple TV limitations. It's a real Mac running real Snow Leopard, albeit on an older, admittedly limited mini. I have Front Row, EyeTV, QuickTime, and more,...

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Soundflower now Universal

Soundflower, a freeware app that is near and dear to many a podcaster, has been updated and is now a Universal Binary. It'll now shunt audio to places audio wasn't able to go before on Intel Macs, and yet it is still free. Ahh, Mac developers, how I love you so! [via MacDevCenter]...

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