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NES cleverly turned into an iPhone speaker dock

E3 took the gaming world by storm last week, so it's fitting that we take a walk down memory lane today with this old Nintendo Entertainment System that is now an iPhone dock. Made by Pete Morris, the same guy who did the Atari speaker dock, the speaker system tightly integrates into the remnants ...

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3D printing iPhone dock adapters

A French 3D printing company by the name of Sculpteo has begun offering 3D printed iPhone dock adapters for third-party iPod speakers. The adapters allow users to use Lightning connector iPhones and iPods in older dock connector speaker systems. The beauty of this system is that it allows Sculpte...

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Atari 2600 turned into an iPhone speaker dock

Etsy shop owner Peter Morris took a much-loved, but now broken Atari 2600 game console and turned it into an iPhone speaker dock. More than just a pretty showpiece, the dock includes 6 EQ settings, an FM radio, a 3.5mm jack for non-Apple devices and a remote control. You can check out picture...

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Test-driving the Geneva Sound System Model S (updated)

Update: In this review, one of my major complaints is that the Model S does not have Bluetooth capabilities. Just after the review was published, Geneva contacted me to note that a Bluetooth version of the Model S will be available in the Spring of 2013. In a world seemingly dominated by...

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Behringer iNuke Boom Junior for iPhone, iPad

Behringer is known for its professional audio and music equipment, and the company is keeping this tradition alive with its iNuKe Boom Junior. The Boom Junior is a scaled down version of the iNuke Boom, a monstrous dock that delivers 10,000 watts of audio power. The Junior delivers the same qua...

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Beoplay A3 iPad stereo dock has a unique design

Bang & Olufsen offshoot brand Beoplay is giving the iPad speaker dock the B&O design treatment with the new Beoplay A3 iPad stereo dock. As you'd expect from the Danish electronics design firm, the Beoplay A3 is a minimalist, slim, black and polished metal wedge into which a first or ...

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JBL introduces OnBeat speaker dock for iPad, iPhone, iPod

If you've somehow avoided buying a speaker dock for your iPad, iPhone or iPod up to this point, then you might want to wait until next month before you make your decision. That's when the JBL OnBeat speaker dock will be available at Apple and Best Buy stores. Priced at US$149.95, the OnBeat i...

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JBL reveals wireless AirPlay speaker dock for iPhone or iPod touch

As you can see above, the JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay is a pretty intriguing speaker dock for your iPhone or iPod. Not only does it sport that Dyson-style ring, but it's got an attached FM radio, a dual alarm clock, and even a screen to display the current name and album art of the song you hap...

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B&W Zeppelin Air looks cool, connects via AirPlay

At CES, Bowers & Wilkins announced the Zeppelin Air, its next generation iPhone/iPod speaker dock with AirPlay support. This lovely piece of audio hardware features class D amplifiers, improved bass thanks to Flowport technology and digital signal processing and exceptional performance courtesy...

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PadDock 10 iPad speaker dock makes beautiful music

Here at TUAW, we get a chance to see a lot of iPad and iPhone docks. In fact, you may have seen our recent iPad dock holiday gift guide. One new iPad dock that we didn't know about at the time the gift guide was being published was the PadDock 10 speaker dock from SMKLink (US$99.99). The PadDock is ...

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Altec Lansing releases Octiv Stage speaker dock for iPad

Altec Lansing has finally released its newest speaker dock, the Octiv Stage, for iPads. The Octiv Stage differs from many docks in that it has a comparatively small footprint and can support the tablet in either portrait or landscape orientation. The iPad is clipped into a bracket on a rotati...

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