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Video of today's Apple event is now available

Apple has posted QuickTime streams of its "Latest Creation" keynote on their webpage, just in case you missed all the festivities earlier today. That latest creation, as we many had speculated, turned out to be the iPad. So you can watch Steve sit in a cushioned chair and browse the Internet (along...

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Apple posts video of today's media event

Did you miss all the excitement today? You can now replay it on your very own computer. Apple has just posted the video of today's event (which they call a keynote for some reason) on Apple. You'll need QuickTime to enjoy Steve wow us with new iPods, but that isn't a shock now is it?...

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The Beatles don't go on

Well the one rumor that I thought was least likely (that the Beatles were a no go at this morning's event) turned out to be true. There is still no Beatles music available on the iTunes store, either in the WiFi store or otherwise. Not that Steve didn't taunt us. Over and over again, he threw down h...

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Rumor: iPod networking in "The Circle"

Of all the rumors coming out around tomorrow's big Apple event, this one is the strangest: The Circle. Engadget has it on good authority (a.k.a. a French blog called "generation mp3") that Apple, in an ironic turn, will steal an idea from the Zune and start their own "social" concept, called The Cir...

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Apple NAB event today

That's right, kids, Apple is holding a special event today at NAB (the National Association of Broadcasters) get together in Las Vegas. Will they announce something? Will they just show off existing stuff? I have no idea, but considering 8 core Mac Pros were just released I am thinking there won't b...

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Watch today's It's Showtime event live

Wow, it's been a while since Apple has offered a live stream of an event, or even a video or streaming link prior to the event itself. Nevertheless, here it is: Apple's official It's Showtime event page, which looks like it will offer a 'video-on-demand' of the event, though the word 'live' isn't e...

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TUAW "It's Showtime!" predictions

It's that time ladies and gentlemen: the pre-event post where the TUAW team put it all on the line and offer up their predictions on what we'll be throwing down our credit cards for after tomorrow's It's Showtime special event. In all actuality, there isn't much on the line for us, but it's still fu...

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A list of potential movies and a name change for the iTMS

DVguru, a sister blog, is just as excited for an iTunes Music Movie Store as we are, and they've been doing their own digging into what Apple's September 12th "It's Showtime" special event could bring. The gurus of all things DV found a post at iPodHub.net containing a supposed list of movies that w...

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Apple special event on Sept. 12?

iLounge is reporting that Apple is summoning journalists to an 'undisclosed' location in Northern California on September 12th (unrelated to the event on the 25th). The scuttlebutt is that Apple will be announcing something at this event, though who knows if it will be new iPods, movie downloading f...

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YAASEH, or: Yet Another Apple Special Event Hoax

Apparently someone doesn't know how to enter our Create a Feb. 22 Apple Invite contest, as yet another Apple special event hoax launched this morning and was promptly debunked. This time around, the event involved Steve and Bono at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, March 1st, and the invitat...

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Apple Special Event - Feb 22nd - Airport Video?

We've known Apple's planning a special media event for a week or so, but didn't know the precise date or what would be announced. On Flickr today, someone has posted up what claims to be an image used on the event invitation. It is quite clearly an Airport Express Base Station. Might this be the lo...

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