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Kard Combat, Spy Mouse, more push big updates

Hothead Games' great freemium card game for iOS, Kard Combat, has gotten a big update this week in the App Store. The biggest new feature is a new "pass-and-play" multiplayer mode, which allows for two players with one iOS device in the same place to play their cards out, and then pass the devi...

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Daily iPhone App: Spy Mouse

Firemint Games' latest title is finally out for iOS, and the early reviews are great. I played a prototype of this game over a year ago, and it's been through a few big revisions since then. But the same gameplay I saw in the very beginning is still there and as polished as it's going to get. S...

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Firemint hosts contest, win a chance to play Spy Mouse first

Developer Firemint (makers of the extremely popular Flight Control and Real Racing games) is about to release its latest game Spy Mouse. Along with parent company EA, it's hosting a contest to let a few players into the game early. You have to log in with Twitter over on this page, then "answer...

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Firemint's Agent Squeek becomes Spy Mouse, gets a new trailer

It's been interesting watching the development of Firemint's next iPhone game -- I saw it in action way back at GDC 2010, but back then it was just a prototype without a name or even anything more than a few mechanics. More recently it was revealed as Agent Squeek, and looked like it was coming...

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