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Daily iPad App: Bloodmasque will steal your soul... and your face

The newly-released vampire RPG brawler Bloodmasque is yet another game in the strange sub genre of iOS apps that think they are full-fledge, console-quality releases. You may already be familiar with other games in this niche including Infinity Blade, Rage, and the recently released Deus Ex: The F...

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Apple updates its response to Lodsys suit, but doesn't move to invalidate patents

Apple has updated its proposed answer to the Lodsys suit against third-party developers. Lodsys has recently expanded its patent suit to include big-name iOS developers like Rovio (of Angry Birds), EA, Atari, Take-Two Interactive and Square-Enix, according to The Mac Observer. Florian Mueller o...

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TUAW's Daily App: Voice Fantasy

Voice Fantasy is a weird little app from Square Enix, creators of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series of role-playing games. You may remember Song Summoner, the original RPG created for the iPod a while back (that later came to the iPhone as well). That game had you creating soldiers with son...

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Chaos Rings comes to iPad - all Square Enix games on sale

Released back in April, Chaos Rings for the iPhone became a runaway hit and a top seller soon after its debut on the App Store. Reviewers praised the title from Square Enix, and many of them felt that the US$12.99 iPhone title could easily have been a successful game on the Nintendo DS or Sony's PSP...

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Phoenix Wright, Half Life 2, and Chocobo Panic available now

Here's some quick hits on a few big name releases across Apple platforms. First up, the funny and addictive DS hit Phoenix Wright has made its way to the iPhone, and you can pick it up for US $4.99. While it's kept the two-screen gameplay from Nintendo's handheld, it's still a great time. Square ...

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Chaos Rings and Sonic 2 out, Square Enix games on sale

Square Enix has released their Chaos Rings game that we heard about a while ago. At US$13.99, it's one of the most expensive iPhone (not iPad -- yet) games you'll find, but the reviews are terrific so far. The game appears to be a classic Square Enix title, complete with great graphics, a deep stor...

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Chaos Rings trailer looks awesome

Just yesterday, we heard about this new Square Enix RPG due to come to the iPhone this year, and today, not only do we have official confirmation, but a first official trailer as well. And boy does it look great -- over in the console world, Final Fantasy's creators have been saying that they can...

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New Square Enix RPG coming to the iPhone this year

A job posting on a Japanese developer's site has hinted that Square Enix will be releasing a brand new RPG on the iPhone sometime later this year. Media.Vision has posted that they're seeking to fill a number of positions related to building an RPG on Apple's platform in conjunction with Square Enix...

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Final Fantasy I and II coming to iPhone and iPod touch

Just announced at Square Enix's Facebook page: Final Fantasy I and II are coming to an App Store near you. The nearly 20-year-old games have been remastered and re-released a number of times, with versions appearing for just about every platform invented thus far, so it was only a matter of time be...

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Song Summoner and sequel coming to iPhone

I actually did buy Song Summoner, the strange, out-of-nowhere tactics RPG from Square Enix that was made for the iPod last year. Yes, that's right it was made for the iPod -- at a time when everyone was waiting to see pro apps on the iPhone and the iPod touch, Square released a game controlled with...

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TUAW Hands-On: Square Enix's Song Summoner for the iPod

Square Enix dropped a huge bomb at E3 a few weeks ago with the fact that their latest Final Fantasy title, number 13, was coming to Microsoft's Xbox 360. But a week before, they dropped another piece of surprise news on iPod owners: that they had released a game for the music player, and that not o...

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Square surprises us with Song Summoner for the iPod

Square Enix has released their new game for the iPod, called -- wait, hold the iPhone. Say what again? Square Enix has apparently been hiding a huge secret, and the word is out already in iTunes. They've developed an iPod classic game called Song Summoner, and if the video above is any indication, ...

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