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White iPhone discoloration: Not just heat

Last week, several readers were pointing out stories of white iPhones that had taken on a yellowish hue. It was assumed that heat was the issue. Keen to tempt fate, I played Star Defense [App Store link] for 30 minutes straight last night with my iPhone resting on my bed. It warmed up pretty good, b...

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Win a Tide-themed iPod

If you watched last weekend's Super Bowl (the height of American Football), you probably saw Tide's "Talking Stain" ad. It was one of the better ones; a man trying to conduct an interview is distracted by a nagging stain on the interviewee's shirt. Today, Tide has launched a contest encouraging peo...

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20% of TUAW readers' MacBooks are discolored

The results of our MacBook discoloration poll are in; 20% of TUAW reader's MacBooks exhibit discoloration. It's hard to judge how accurate these results are, but if the real numbers are anywhere near these levels then Apple has a serious problem on its hands. Fortunately, there are signs that Apple...

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TUAW Poll: Does your MacBook exhibit discoloration?

Does your MacBook exhibit discoloration? Yes No    With many owners of Apple's MacBook reporting strange discoloration of their machine on areas that come into frequent contact with the skin (wrist rests, trackpad, but...

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