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Tag: Star Walk

Daily iPhone App: SkySafari

SkySafari from Southern Stars is an app for the astronomy enthusiast with an iPhone. It's the perfect companion for a new telescope owner, who can use the app to help locate celestial bodies in the sky, or the casual observer who wants to know the name of that bright star cluster overhead. It's...

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Black Friday app sales: Dragon Fantasy, Gem Keeper, lots more

Hope you had a great holiday yesterday! As expected, the App Sales are continuing through the weekend, and in addition to what we've already spotlighted, here are a few more. Steam is continuing its daily sales on all kinds of titles, Mac and PC alike, but Flight Control HD is the standout...

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Final day of July 4 app sales

A lot of the App Store's biggest apps have been on sale this weekend, and a few holdouts dropped prices earlier today. If your head hasn't hit the pillow yet after your local fireworks extravaganza, make sure to grab some of these while the prices are low: The Real Racing series is on sale...

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Distant Suns celebrates 50th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's epic ride with a free app

It was 50 years ago today that the son of a Russian farmer rocketed into space and became the first man to orbit the earth. Yuri Gagarin's 108 minute trip in his Vostok spacecraft ushered in the era of manned space flight, as the US followed up with the Mercury, Gemini, and later the Apollo missi...

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Macworld Expo 2011: Vito Technology updates the Walk apps

Russian company Vito Technology was in one of the booths around the Mobile App Showcase at Macworld 2011 last week, and they kindly sat down to show off new versions of their apps, all coming up in the next month or so as free updates on the App Store. Popular astronomy app Star Walk was first. It'...

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Star Walk 5.1.1 brings Santa, printing and more -- plus a chance to win an iPad

Before we get to the new features in Star Walk 5.1.1 (also known as the Christmas Edition), we've teamed up with the developers, Vito Technology, to give away five copies of the app and a sparkly new iPad. Just leave a comment telling us your favorite astronomical object (star, planet, comet, const...

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Tonight is International Observe the Moon Night so grab your iPhone

Tonight is the first-ever International Observe the Moon Night. If you have an iOS device, you can get even more out of observing our nearest neighbor and learning about what its made of, how it came to be, and how to observe it. Free apps like Moon Globe will allow you to explore the lunar service ...

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Take a planetary tour with Solar Walk

Solar Walk is a nifty astronomy romp from the folks who did the popular Star Walk iPhone and iPad app. Instead of exploring the night sky and deep space, you get to tour our solar system in luscious 3D graphics. While the app is universal for the iPhone and iPad, the iPad version is breathtaking wit...

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Star Walk still out of this world (and you might get it for free!)

Star Walk [iTunes link] has been updated and improved with new features that let you leave the earth and look back at our home planet in beautifully rendered views. Star Walk uses GPS to get your location, and shows you the current sky above your head. Since we last looked at Star Walk the app has a...

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