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myFry: Stephen Fry's second autobiography becomes an interactive app

I've been following actor, all around wit, and Apple enthusiast Stephen Fry's career since I saw him play the wonderfully droll and brilliant butler, Jeeves in the English TV series Jeeves and Wooster back in the early 90's. Hugh Laurie, probably better known as Dr. House, played Bertie Wooster o...

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Steve Jobs on Time magazine cover again

There's a super article in the current issue of Time magazine featuring Stephen Fry's interview with Steve Jobs. As you may know, Stephen Fry is a writer, actor and comedian. He was also the 2nd person in all of Britain to own a Macintosh (author Douglas Adams was the first). That's precisely why th...

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Stephen Fry unboxes his iPad

Actor/comedian Stephen Fry has published a brief but oh-so-tantalizing iPad unboxing video. Above you'll see Stephen open the Apple-branded case, the iPad itself (complete with a dramatic and thoroughly warranted wooshing sound), the 10W adapter and keyboard dock. He also grabbed the non-keyboa...

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Mainstreaming podcasts: First the Queen. Now Blair

First the Queen podcasted her Christmas message, and now Tony Blair appears on a podcast interview with actor Stephen Fry. The State of the Union address and the Democrats' response are both available (for free) in iTunes. And presidential hopeful John Edwards even has his own widget. Politics as us...

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