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Microsoft CEO talks about Office, won't comment on Office for iPad

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talked with Businessweek about the recent Office 2013 launch. Most of the interview focused on the desktop version of the productivity suite, but Ballmer dodged a question right at the end about the development of the iPad version of Office. When asked how the iPad...

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Daily Update for October 29, 2012

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requi...

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Ballmer: Apple has not produced a product that customers use

Someone in Redmond, WA needs to call the folks with the straitjackets, as it appears that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has gone certifiably bonkers. AllThingsD's John Paczkowski notes that in a recent interview with CNBC, Ballmer went on record as saying that "I don't think anybody has done a pr...

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Microsoft's Steve Ballmer ready to take on Apple again

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer met with Steven Burke of CRN and talked about his company's future. Speaking about Microsoft's strengths and weaknesses, Ballmer said, We have our advantages in productivity. We have our advantages in terms of enterprise management, manageability. We have got ...

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Microsoft, RIM announce collaboration, Bing to power BlackBerry search

In what appears to be a joint effort to stave off both Apple and Google, Microsoft and RIM have teamed up to form a mobile partnership. The partnership will put Bing as the default search engine on all BlackBerry devices and Bing Maps as the default mapping software. The surprise announcement was ...

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Microsoft shuffling execs to better compete with Apple

Microsoft is reportedly shuffling around its upper brass to better compete against Apple and Google. The company is removing long-serving executives from their positions and promoting senior engineers from areas within the company that are struggling. This move is in response to pressure from Micros...

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Parallels weirds us out with this Eminem/Avatar Mac parody

A warning: The video after the break is one of the weirdest things we've ever seen promoting the Mac OS. Sure, it's from Parallels, and sure, the virtualization software guys know how to sell a switch over to the Mac. But here they've chosen to do it in an extremely weird way, by creating a parody ...

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Apple employees love Steve Jobs

Silicon Alley Insider has put together a chart that shows the approval ratings employees have for various CEOs at major tech companies. The chart is based on data from and reveals that Steve Jobs is the most-favored CEO, ranked by his own employees, followed closely by Mark Zuckerbe...

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Report: Steve Jobs was 'furious' over Microsoft's acquisition of Bungie

Apple hasn't shown a lot of initiative on the gaming side of things (this past "Back to the Mac" event was the first time the company even mentioned Steam coming to the Mac, something even Valve has admitted is a huge deal), but apparently Steve Jobs still has somewhat of a competitive streak. Forme...

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Small enough to be in a pocket

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer spoke with Walt Mossberg at the All Things Digital Conference this week. Engadget has a nice collection of video highlights. In this clip, Ballmer makes a common mistake. Namely, he uses the smartphone as the point of comparison to the iPad. This is, of course, due to ...

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Rumor for developers, developers, developers! Steve Ballmer to present at WWDC?

Barron's reports, you decide: According to Trip Chowdry, an analyst with Global Equities Research, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will have seven minutes of stage time at WWDC 2010. [Wait, what now? –Ed.] According to Chowdry, Ballmer's topic will be Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft's developm...

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Microsoft workers hiding their love for the iPhone

According to The Wall Street Journal, about 10% of Microsoft's employees are avid users of the iPhone. While it's not surprising that tech geeks like those who work for Microsoft would be interested in the iPhone, what is surprising is the lengths some Microsoft workers go to in order to hide their ...

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Steve Ballmer compliments Apple, Hell freezes over

The Seattle Times is reporting that Steve Ballmer, who notoriously laughed at the iPhone, had some good things to say about it last week in a speech he gave at the computer-science building at the University of Washington. "Apple's done a very nice job that allows people to monetize and commercializ...

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Found Footage: Steve Ballmer signs student's Mac

Earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave the keynote address to the Nashville Technology Council, which was held at Trevecca Nazarene University (TNU) in Nashville, TN. Steve, who is on a multi-city tour to promote Microsoft, joined other prominent technology professionals like Abbie ...

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Shareholders ask Ballmer about Apple

While Bill Gates looked on, Microsoft shareholders asked CEO Steve Ballmer about Apple at their annual meeting this morning. Steve's CEO-speak responses illustrate the larger problem. Portfolio reports that one investor asked about the company's reputation with young customers: "I'm just wonderi...

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