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Eddy Cue gives acceptance speech as Steve Jobs is inducted into Bay Area Business Hall of Fame

Last Thursday, November 7, Steve Jobs was posthumously inducted into the Bay Area Business Hall of Fame. Accepting the award for Jobs was Apple's SVP Eddy Cue, who has now tweeted a link to a video of the event. As TechCrunch notes, Cue's speech was at times very emotional and talked of the deep f...

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This LEGO Steve Jobs is just as adorable as you'd imagine

Etsy is a great place to find odd things, and you don't need to poke around on the site very long to find something unique. Case in point: This ridiculous adorable Steve Jobs figurine crafted from LEGO blocks. From the iconic jeans and black T-shirt to the glasses crafted from transparent blocks, ...

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Steve Jobs in the Apple Campus 2 video

On October 1, 2013, Apple made a presentation at the Cupertino, Calif., city hall as part of the effort to seek approval to begin construction on Apple Campus 2. Part of the presentation included the video you see below, which features Apple co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs being quoted at sev...

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Daily Update for October 30, 2013

It's the TUAW Daily Update, your source for Apple news in a convenient audio format. You'll get all the top Apple stories of the day in three to five minutes for a quick review of what's happening in the Apple world. You can listen to today's Apple stories by clicking the inline player (requires Fl...

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Have Apple media events become boring and all too predictable?

Last week, Tim Cook and co. took the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and introduced a slew of new products. Indeed, for a single media event, there sure were a lot of products Apple managed to squeeze in; OS X Mavericks, iWork, iLife, refreshed Retina Display MacBook Pros, a completel...

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Steve Jobs' childhood home named a 'historic resource'

A few weeks ago we reported that Steve Jobs' childhood home was poised to become a historical site, pending an evaluation by the Los Altos Historical Commission. Now comes word via the San Jose Mercury News that the vote was unanimous and that Jobs' childhood home has now been designated a "histo...

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Apple's Campus 2 presentation video posted online

The City of Cupertino has posted the Apple Campus 2 Presentation: City of Cupertino Study Session video from earlier this month. Apple's Senior Director of Real Estate & Facilities Dan Whisenhunt led the presentation on Apple Campus 2 project at the October 1, 2013 Joint Study Session of the C...

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Caturday: Sasha hangin' with Steve

As one of the editors at TUAW said when this photo came in, "This man has won the Internet. You can all go home now." We'd love to see photos of your favorite feline soaking up the warmth of an Apple product, chasing a Magic Mouse, or just being a general nuisance while you're attempting to work ...

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You can buy Steve Jobs on a piece of toast for $20 (yes, you read that correctly)

I love Etsy for the simple fact that you can find products on it that you'd never see elsewhere. Like, for example, a ridiculously accurate representation of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs burnt into a piece of toast. For this piece of used-to-be-edible art, you must pay a measly US$20. Ok, maybe tha...

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Al Gore praises Tim Cook as 'a fantastic CEO'

Tim Cook already has plenty of fans, but just in case you were wondering, we can add former US Vice President Al Gore to the list as well. Speaking with Bloomberg, the almost-43rd-President of the United States called Apple's head honcho "a fantastic CEO." This should come as little surprise, given ...

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USPTO confirms 'Steve Jobs patent'

Last December, the US Patent and Trademark Office gave Apple a tentative rejection on 20 claims by Apple regarding the "Steve Jobs patent" after it was anonymously challenged by one of Apple's rivals. The patent covers a "touch screen device, method and graphical user interface for determining comma...

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Woz, Kottke, Hertzfeld discuss the 'Jobs' movie

John Vink, who was an Apple engineer between 1996 and 2012, managed to grab three of the people portrayed in the 2013 movie Jobs for a long discussion about the movie and Steve Jobs. It's an episode of John Wants Answers with Daniel Kottke, Andy Hertzfeld and Steve Wozniak. Kottke was a friend of...

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This young Steve Jobs action figure is insanely lifelike

Japan's Legend Toys is set to release a young Steve Jobs action figure that is insanely lifelike. As noted by CNET, the 12-inch figure of Jobs captures his likeness from the late 1970s and early 1980s, complete with his moptop haircut and a stunningly detailed 1:6-scale Apple I accessory. This is...

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Former Apple CEO John Sculley: Tim Cook doing a terrific job

Former Apple CEO John Sculley recently told CNBC Asia that he thinks Tim Cook is doing a fine job. "I think Cook is doing a terrific job. He's not trying to be Steve Jobs; only one person could be Steve Jobs and that was Steve," he said. Sculley was the CEO of Apple from 1983-1993 and Jobs' initial...

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How Steve Jobs learned the importance of design

Fast Company has published an extremely interesting preview of Harmut Esslinger's new book on the early years of Apple, in which he sheds light on some of his first dealings with a young Steve Jobs. Esslinger first joined up with Apple in the early 1980s and, with the help of his company Frog Design...

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