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Alleged Steve Jobs email: MobileMe to get a lot better

MacRumors is reporting on an email, which it believes to be authentic, that one of its readers received from Steve Jobs. The reader sent an email to Jobs after the frustrations over his MobileMe experiences mounted. The reader told Jobs that while he's a huge fan of Apple and "wants to stay inside t...

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Steve Jobs "hopes" AirPlay will support Safari and third-party apps next year

MacRumors is reporting that one of their readers emailed Steve Jobs to ask if Apple was ever going to enable AirPlay to stream videos from third-party apps or those embedded in a web page in Safari. Jobs answered: "Yep, hope to add these features to Airplay in 2011." AirPlay is the technology i...

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Steve-mail says Keynote '11 to have AirPlay, Apple TV capabilities

TUAW received a tip from reader Jared today, who sent us a copy of an email sent to him from Steve Jobs in response to a question he had asked. We verified the email headers, and it looks like the real thing. In his email to Jobs, Jared asked if the new Apple TV would accept presentations via an iO...

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Steve Jobs: AirPrint support for Mac and PCs not canceled

We reported earlier on a rumor suggesting that new iOS 4.2 AirPrint feature that allowed users to print wirelessly to any printer connected to a PC or Mac had been canceled. Because of the rumor, a frustrated MacRumors reader emailed Steve Jobs and suggested that Apple could begin to lose credibilit...

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Steve Jobs says hardly anyone was buying the Xserve

While corporate, scientific, entertainment industry, and university buyers of the soon-to-be-dead Xserve are bemoaning the loss of the rack-mounted powerhouse, Steve Jobs has reportedly told a French Xserve customer "hardly anyone was buying them." A reader of the French MacGeneration website se...

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Can you trust a Steve Jobs email? "Nope."

A reader just emailed us to point out a post I wrote this past April. MacStories.net had published an email a developer at Chiaro Software had sent Steve Jobs to ask him if the rumors of a Mac App Store and no software running on OS X without authorization from Apple were true. Job's answer? "Nop...

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Joy of Tech creates Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator

Did you ever have one of those days where it seems like everyone is getting an email from Steve Jobs but you? Well, worry no more! The Joy of Tech has created the Steve Jobs Email Reply Generator. Using a series of drop-down menus, you can compose an email to Steve Jobs, like mine to the right. Then...

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Steve Jobs: "Life is fragile."

Business Insider has published an email reply one of their readers received from Steve Jobs. The reader wrote to Jobs after reading a speech Jobs gave about his experience with liver disease. The BI reader, who lost his young girlfriend to melanoma-induced liver failure, wrote to express gratitude t...

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Steve Jobs: Apple owns "Pad" trademark

In an email from Apple, journalPad developer Chris Ostmo was told he would need to remove the word "pad" from his app's name in order to get his app updated on the App Store. Ostmo then sent an email to Steve Jobs asking him why the App Store policy had changed after a number of apps had already use...

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Apple to drop support for 1st gen iPhone

You could see the writing on the wall when Apple announced iPhone OS 4. Apple said most of the features will run on the iPhone 3G, and all would run on the iPhone 3GS. At no point did they mention the first generation iPhone. Steve Jobs has now confirmed what many assumed. MacStories has publishe...

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