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Apple stock soars, company worth more than Google, Microsoft combined

Whoa! As of this writing (noon EST) Apple stock has reached a new high of US$493.85, which is a record share price. It also gives the company a market capitalization of $465 billion, which exceeds the combined totals of Google and Microsoft. Apple passed Microsoft in Market Cap back in May of 2010....

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Foxconn stock climbs on Apple projections

This just in from the "not surprising since a rising tide lifts all boats" department -- stock in Apple's primary manufacturing partner, Foxconn, climbed to a recent high on speculation that Apple might be using metal casings for the next-generation iPhone. The speculation is in line with what Mor...

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AAPL breaks all-time high ... again

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but shares in Apple, Inc. have reached another all-time high price. Just minutes ago, AAPL was at US$428.40, although as usual the stock price will probably wobble all over the place before the close. Why is AAPL doing so well? There is mucho speculation t...

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Pre-event AAPL trading bucks trend

Andy Zaty of the Bullish Cross blog has done some interesting analysis on the AAPL stock price around Apple's keynote events, and he found that for next week's event, the pattern seems to have fallen apart. During the past four iPhone releases, Apple's stock price has risen in the rumor-filled ...

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Apple stock performance under Steve Jobs

We can talk about Steve Jobs' legacy as CEO of Apple, look at the products he launched and analyze the earnings statements, but sometimes all you need is a simple picture to summarize it all. As Edible Apple points out, Apple's stock price from when Jobs took the helm in 1997 until now reveals ...

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Needham & Co. raises price target for AAPL

The stock market has been tanking all week, but that's not keeping financial firm Needham & Co. from being bullish on Apple. The company raised its price target for AAPL from US$450 to $540. So why the big jump? Needham's Charlie Wolf notes that the firm adjusted how it values Apple's dif...

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Boom! AAPL share price over $300 for the first time today

If the wizards of Cupertino take note of such milestones, there are probably bottles of champagne being uncorked this morning. Apple's stock price has been hovering above $300 per share since the market opened, marking yet another all-time high for the consumer electronics company. While nobody ...

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AAPL hits new 52 week and all-time high

Apple's stock price has been reaching stratospheric heights lately, and today it may have even made it to the mesosphere. A stock alert this morning showed AAPL at 288.04, which is a new 52 week high as well as the highest price the company's stock has ever reached. Although we're getting clos...

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AAPL spikes $3 on iPhone battery news

Talk about your irrational exuberance: Apple's stock shot up over $3 this morning on the announcement of better-than-expected battery life for the iPhone. This pogo-stick fluctuation of the stock price on every snippet of iPhone news is a mite stressful even for those of us (like myself) who are lon...

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