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Tag: StopMotion

LeAnn Rimes new music video was shot on iPhone and you should really watch it

Regardless of your feelings about country music, LeAnn Rimes' new music video is well worth your time as an Apple enthusiast. The clip for "Gasoline and Matches" off of her new album Spitfire was shot entirely using an iPhone. Combining stop-motion animation, clips of live singing and the haun...

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Smoovie for iPad: A stop-motion app for kids (and adults young at heart)

I recently spent some time with Smoovie for Mac, a kid-friendly, stop-motion video app. I really loved it, but I thought I'd check out the iPad version, too. I had a sneaky suspicion Smoovie and the iPad were a match made in heaven, and I think I was right! Smoovie for iPad is just as easy to...

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Smoovie for Mac: A kid-friendly stop-motion video app

Smoovie is Open Planet Software's kid-friendly, stop-motion video app for Mac. It's a simple app that lets you -- or your kids -- capture photo stills, either from your photo library, your Mac's built-in camera or an external camera, and compile them into a straightforward stop-motion video. ...

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Music video created with iPad and iPhone

As you can tell from our quiet start this morning, it's a slow day around the TUAW HQ -- most of us are still in the holiday mood, and with much of the United States off work today anyway, things aren't too crazy. But we're still here, and while some of us are buried under snow, we can still at...

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LG Optimus Black vs. iPhone 4, others in stop-motion video

I've never been a big fan of the company's phones, but LG sure makes some great videos. Its latest is the Smartphone Championship Race, a stop-motion NASCAR-inspired film that pits the LG Optimus Black against the iPhone, Sony Ericsson's Xperia Arc and Samsung's Galaxy S. The competitors' phone...

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Stop-motion iPad also magical, revolutionary

The magical, revolutionary iPad is not just in and of itself magical and revolutionary, of course; it also inspires people to be magical and revolutionary, as in this marvellous stop-motion video of a plasticine iPad produced by 26-year-old Ukrainian Svetlana Shokhanova. It was made for the "Po...

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Light painting in stop motion with the iPad

This is about the coolest thing done with an iPad since, well, the iPad itself was created. A firm named Dentsu London has used an iPad to create a series of stop motion shots assembled from sequential long exposure light paintings. They created a set of 3D graphics and then programmed the iPad to ...

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Found Footage: self-unboxing iPad

This is -- for me, personally -- one of the greatest unboxing videos I've ever seen. Not to oversell it, but the sheer simplicity of a self-unboxing iPad is beautiful. The complete lack of commentary (or even a human) makes it short enough that even my attention span, frazzled by years of short song...

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iStopMotion 1.10.1

iStopMotion 1.10.1 from Boinx software is out, and it has a cool new feature for Apple Remote enabled Macs. That's right, you can use the remote to interact with the program. The menu button takes a picture (this is a stop motion program, in case you didn't know) and the play button plays the movie ...

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