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Apple places product displays outside future Berlin Apple Store

German site Apfelpage reports that Apple has installed new display cabinets outside of its new, yet-to-be-opened Berlin store. The displays currently promote the iPhone 5, with mock, over-sized iPhones not uncommon to other Apple retail stores. It's understood that the move will attract customers...

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Wall coverings appear at forthcoming Amsterdam Apple Store

Apple is prepping a new retail store in Amsterdam, and MacRumors has collected pictures of the orange and white window coverings that have shown up at the location. They're pretty unique and striking, with the bright orange modern look really standing out in the colder, more traditional buildings ...

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Two new Apple retail stores opening this weekend

Apple is on track to open a raft of stores around the world, having largely rolled out the stores it needs in the USA. Still, some cities need extra capacity, so the retail gods in Cupertino have seen fit to bestow upon us two more stores this weekend and another later this month. Macsimum News...

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Apple Store Colorado Springs: photos from opening day

Apple junkies who live in Colorado Springs, CO used to have to drive about 75 miles north to Denver to visit either the Park Meadows or Aspen Grove Apple Stores. Now they finally have an Apple Store of their own at the Promenade Shops at Briargate, which opened on Saturday, September 20th. Reader De...

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Knoxville gets an Apple Store

Probably like most people standing in line at West Town Mall this morning, I never thought I'd see the day Knoxville got an Apple Store. Shoot, I figured Apple's retail strategy wouldn't fare so well anyway, and would never expand beyond about a dozen high-profile stores worldwide. But Apple is seri...

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