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AudioBooks introduces all-you-can-eat book streaming

If you're a commuter with a taste for the spoken word, you'll be pleased to hear that Audiobooks.com is introducing an all-you-can-eat service, including thousands of best-sellers. It's like Spotify or Rdio for audio books. Launching today, the new Audiobooks.com plan runs $24.95 per month, and can...

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Rumor: Apple looking at buying Spotify... to incorporate it or close it?

Fans of streaming music service Spotify might not want to read this story. The last time Apple bought such a company, it lived on for about six months before being unceremoniously shuttered. Hopefully if a rumored buyout of Spotify does go through, the service will face a happier outcome than Lala ...

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TUAW Tips: Play internet radio in background on your iPad

Those of us who love to stream internet radio on our iPads can quickly turn into ogres when we switch to another app and the music stops. Until the iPad supports iOS 4 (soon) we're stuck with no background capability, which makes background streaming impossible.The folks over at FairerPlatform have ...

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Monsoon Multimedia debuts Sling, ROKU competitor with some compelling features

Today Monsoon Multimedia is announcing the Vulkano, a universal video platform that integrates DVR, Web video, streaming and time shifting of media from the home to a portable device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Macs or PCs. It also supports streaming to Android, Blackberry, Symbian and WM6 phon...

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Public Radio app updated and renamed

The much beloved Public Radio Tuner has been updated, and now sports a new name. Public Radio Player [App Store] is your easy way to get to most of the NPR stations in the country. This new version, which remains free, also allows you to find archived shows, like Car Talk, Speaking of Pets, Wait Wai...

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MLB updates At Bat 2009 for iPhone, gives live streaming to MLB.TV users

If you're a baseball fan you already have it. If not, you're missing a lot, and now MLB has updated At Bat 2009 [App Store link] to include more video streaming for fans who already subscribe to MLB.TV. That means as of today, those subscribers can watch all the remaining games this season (subject ...

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Review: Sirius XM for iPhone/iPod touch sans Stern

As we reported last night, it's out, and the Howard Stern fans aren't happy that this app eliminates the two channels Stern appears on. There are still 120 channels that do work, so I thought I'd give it a try. The app is called Sirius XM Premium Online [App Store] and it's free but requires a paid ...

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Simplify Media update, take 2

Earlier today we reported on an update to the media sharing tool from Simplify Media. It added some nice features, but it also installed a demo share on home machines that was not appreciated by many. It set off a mini-firestorm on the company blog, and we received plenty of negative comments as wel...

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Remote media sharing tool Simplify Media updated

The Simplify Media app for sharing your music libraries across the net or to your iPhone has been updated to version 2.0 (previous coverage here). If you have the app installed on your Mac, PC or Linux computer, you'll see an update notice real soon now. The update includes stability improvements, t...

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MLB At Bat 2009 struck out, but now back in the game with bug fixes

Baseball fans were quite excited to learn that this years MLB.com At Bat 2009 iPhone app [App Store link], selling for $9.99US, would include game day audio. We reviewed the app in March and it received good notices but there was no audio to test at that time. Since baseball season began, the App St...

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TUAW Review: WunderRadio

The geniuses at Weather Underground have done it again! Now they've capitalized on their insight into weather radio to bring the iPhone world WunderRadio. Available in the App Store (click opens iTunes) for US$5.99, WunderRadio provides NOAA Weather streams based on your current location. But there...

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