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AudioBooks introduces all-you-can-eat book streaming

If you're a commuter with a taste for the spoken word, you'll be pleased to hear that Audiobooks.com is introducing an all-you-can-eat service, including thousands of best-sellers. It's like Spotify or Rdio for audio books. Launching today, the new Audiobooks.com plan runs $24.95 per month, and can...

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TUAW Tips: Play internet radio in background on your iPad

Those of us who love to stream internet radio on our iPads can quickly turn into ogres when we switch to another app and the music stops. Until the iPad supports iOS 4 (soon) we're stuck with no background capability, which makes background streaming impossible.The folks over at FairerPlatform have ...

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TUAW Review: WunderRadio

The geniuses at Weather Underground have done it again! Now they've capitalized on their insight into weather radio to bring the iPhone world WunderRadio. Available in the App Store (click opens iTunes) for US$5.99, WunderRadio provides NOAA Weather streams based on your current location. But there...

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