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Daily App: 5by picks the best videos based on your personality

Finding compelling videos on sites like YouTube can be a lesson in patience as you slog through video after video of mindless soliloquies, cats on pianos or music videos featuring stills of photos in an endless progression. If you want to avoid this mundane content and find videos more suited for ...

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DevJuice: Spellchecking short strings

A few years ago, xkcd created a crowd-sourced color survey to collected real-world hue descriptions. You'll find the hilarious results here. I've been working on updating my UIColor utilities as part of building a color-sampling app. Stumbling across this survey, I decided to add the xkcd color...

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TUAW's Daily iPad app: StumbleUpon

If you're familiar with StumbleUpon, the iPad app will be a very comfortable experience. Instead of browsing "stumbled" sites in a browser with a toolbar, the StumbleUpon app allows you to visit sites shared by others (within a couple dozen categories like "tech" or "babes") from your iPad, com...

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StumbleUpon iPad app user interface updated with 'swipe to stumble'

StumbleUpon has updated its iPad app with a new interface intended to make stumbling and commenting on webpages easier than before. A new "swipe to stumble" gesture streamlines the process of finding new sites, commenting on them, and sharing them with other StumbleUpon users. The updated app...

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Stumbi: StumbleUpon for Safari

Being a Firefox user (I know, I know, and it crashes on me all the time, but still I run back to it ashamedly), I had no idea that there was a gap in the functionality of StumbleUpon (a handy little link-finding and sharing browser plugin) for Safari users -- it only works with IE and Firefox. But E...

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