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From iPhone to iPad: Revisiting Super Monkey Ball 2

There are a lot of great new apps for the iPad, and there are some terrific old ones that have made the move as well. In "From iPhone to iPad," TUAW will revisit some of our favorite games and utilities that originated on the iPhone, and see how they've transitioned to the larger device. Have the...

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Super Monkey Ball 2 arrives for iPhone

Super Monkey Ball 2 [iTunes Link] is now available for the iPhone. There is good news and bad news, and yes, some of it relates to App Store policies which are out of developers' hands. I bought the original Super Monkey Ball [iTunes Link] for US$10 on the first day the App Store was available (J...

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First Look: Super Monkey Ball

After the WWDC '08 Keynote, everyone wanted this iPhone game -- it received almost as much hype as the iPhone itself. Super Monkey Ball from SEGA definitely has some good qualities, however it does have some bad qualities as well. First off, this game costs $9.99 -- a little steep at first glance,...

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iPhone 2.0 firmware goes golden master

Gizmodo and GearLive are reporting that the iPhone 2.0 firmware will go golden master (locked for shipping) this week. Golden master does not necessarily mean that Apple will ship the firmware this week (after all, Steve said that it would ship in "early July") but it does mean that the firmware and...

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Apple shows off iPhone gaming chops

While Apple did not release any games at today's event they did begin to show what's possible with several tech demos. Apparently the SDK has only been available for the last two weeks or so, even inside Apple, which makes what they showed that much more impressive. First up, a team inside of Apple ...

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