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SuperSync 5 will add support for iTunes Match

SuperSync is a really impressive app that you've probably already heard about if you've ever tried to keep iTunes libraries between various computers synced together. It basically scans your iTunes library as you add to it, and then tracks different libraries across Macs and PCs to make sure th...

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Macworld Expo 2011: SuperSync sticks with what it knows

SuperSync had a nice booth at last week's Macworld Expo 2011 conference. In addition to a demo of the software on our livestream, we also chatted with the developer about how SuperSync (which allows you to share and view multiple iTunes libraries across PCs and platforms) was doing lately. The most...

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iTunes library tool SuperSync half-off today

I haven't run the numbers thoroughly, but there's a team consensus here that iTunes library management and synchronization questions occupy high slots in the top 10 list of frequent questions to Ask TUAW and our tip line. With multiple machines, iPods/iPhones and massive libraries of media, keeping ...

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SuperSync adds support for TiVo Mp3s

We posted about SuperSync last year, and we just posted about another iTunes library syncing app, Syncopation. But just in case you've been waiting to sync your music libraries not just across iTunes but also to your TiVo, the wait is over -- SuperSync version 2.3 now does just that. You can connect...

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SuperSync: iTunes Library Syncing

SuperSync is a cross-platform application that allows you to sync two separate iTunes libraries. I actually have this problem as I am planning to set up some kind of central home music server, but my family has a couple of separate libraries. Unfortunately, there are a lot of duplicate songs between...

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