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Keeping an eye on working conditions across Apple's vast supply chain is no easy task

Bloomberg Businessweek yesterday posted a gripping tale detailing the inherent challenges faced by Apple as it tries to promote fair working conditions across its supply chain. The Bloomberg piece zeroes in on life at Flextronics in the weeks preceding Apple's iPhone 5 launch. Based out of Singapor...

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The logistics behind transporting millions of iPhones from China to stores worldwide

Apple yesterday announced that its fleet of next-gen iPhones will hit store shelves on September 20. For most people, this means that they simply have to lace up their shoes and head on over to their local Apple retail store pick one up. For Apple, it means that they have nine days to ensure that ...

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Apple creates academic advisory board to oversee its Supplier Responsibility program

As part of Apple's ongoing efforts to improve labor practices in its supply chain, the company recently formed an academic advisory board to oversee its Supplier Responsibility program. The academic advisory board, which is an all-volunteer group, will be comprised of eight professors from renown...

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Gartner: Apple turns over inventory every five days

Technology research firm Gartner is always coming up with innovative ways to compare companies and publish their relative ranks in terms of one criteria or another. Last week, Gartner published the results of its 2012 Supply Chain Top 25, and Apple was at the top of the list. On a scale of 1 ...

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Apple to create 500 jobs in Cork, Ireland

Apple announced today that it will expand its headquarters in Cork, Ireland. "Apple has been in Cork for over 30 years and we are thrilled to be expanding our presence there," an Apple spokesman told the Irish Times. "Our plans will add over 500 new jobs to support our growing business across Eur...

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Report suggests Apple had best November ever

If you think Apple's finances have been flying high in 2011, just wait. A report by Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities shows that the company's supply chain is showing record sales for November. In turn, that could indicate record sales for Apple products during the holiday season. As reporte...

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Exploring Apple's supply chain secrets

One of the unsung heroes in the success of Apple over the past ten years or so has been the ability for the company to take control of manufacturing, procurement, and logistics of its products in ways that are completely innovative. In a Bloomberg Businessweek post yesterday, writers Adam Satar...

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Analyst ups AAPL on strong projected iPad, iPhone sales

Canaccord Genuity analyst T. Michael Walkley remains bullish on Apple pointing to strong iPhone and iPad sales in June. He's so confident in Apple that he boosted his iPhone sales estimate from 75.5 million million to 77.3 million in 2011. He also predicts Apple will sell a whopping 100.2 milli...

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Apple keeping iPhone 5 suppliers mum about launch date

In a research note, Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities suggests Apple is being extra secretive with its Asian suppliers when ordering parts for the iPhone 5 and is still quietly preparing the next generation handset for a June or July launch. White writes, "Although we do not have ...

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Apple's touch panel demand helped delay RIMs PlayBook

RIM announced its PlayBook tablet last year, and eager BlackBerry fans have been waiting months for this QNX-based tablet to debut. According to a rumor from Digitimes, this wait was made even longer thanks to Apple and its stranglehold on the touch panel market. Asian supply chain sources sugg...

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Cover lens supply key for 2011 iPad 2 shipment goal

A report out of Digitimes suggests the supply of cover lenses for touch panel modules may influence Apple's future production rate of its popular iPad 2. Sales of the iPad 2 have exceeded expectation, and Apple reportedly shipped 2.4 to 2.5 million tablets in March alone. Conservative estimat...

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Apple could agree to component price hike to secure touchscreens

Contending with seemingly insatiable demand for its new iPad 2, Apple is pondering paying higher prices for touch panel components, according to a report from DigiTimes on Wednesday. Manufacturers in Taiwan claim Apple is more open to certain price hikes during negotiations as the California co...

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