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Susan Kare likes iOS 7's icons

Susan Kare may not be a household name, but her work has likely graced your computer at some point in time. Though she is best known for her icon design work on the original Apple Macintosh computer, she has also designed icons for other well-known companies like PayPal, Facebook and Microsoft. ...

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Macintosh icon designer talks about her work at Apple

Path has a nice interview with Susan Kare, a graphic designer and creator of the original Macintosh icons and typefaces that so many of us are familiar with. Kare reveals that she first came to work at Apple with the title "Macintosh Artist." She got the job through a high school friend, Andy H...

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Walls360 offers Susan Kare icons for your walls

Walls360 is a cool startup in Las Vegas that makes high-quality (but affordable) wall art. They've got the license to some great properties, like Star Trek, Plants vs. Zombies and a host of children's books, and now they are offering nearly all of the icon artwork produced by famed designer Sus...

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Joseph Wain designs near-ubiquitous iOS icons

Chances are very good that almost any iOS app you use contains icons that were designed by one man -- Joseph Wain. Wain doesn't work for Apple and never has. Instead, he's a designer who was impressed at an early age by the work of seminal Apple and NeXT icon designer Susan Kare, but not i...

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Inside Susan Kare's 'iconic' sketchbooks

We've mentioned Susan Kare and her work on the site before, but it's a story that's always worth repeating: She's the woman behind some of Apple's most iconic, well, icon designs. Kare was working as a curator at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco when her friend Andy Hertzfeld asked her to...

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Original Mac OS icons available as limited-edition prints

Long for the good old days of classic Mac icons like Clarus the Dogcow or Pan Hand? Lucky for you -- Susan Kare, the 1983 designer of the original Mac OS icons, is offering prints of the famed icons for Apple fanboys (and girls) everywhere. As reported by The Mac Observer, signed and numbered prints...

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