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Swype keyboard for iOS is free for a limited time

One of the big additions of iOS 8 was the introduction of third party keyboards for typing. There are lots of options out there at different price points, but right now you can get one of the best keyboards on the market for free. It's called Swype and it's wonderful. The Swype keyboard allo...

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The real reason iOS keyboards don't let you swear

If you swear from time to time -- or, if you're like me and curse like you just stubbed your toe in your everyday conversations -- you've probably noticed by now that every popular third party keyboard available for iOS (and the same is true for Android) don't come with profanity built-in. Don't y...

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iOS 8 brings new 3rd party keyboards and Swype is one of the coolest

Users of iOS 8 no longer have to be happy with just the default Apple keyboard. Developers are now allowed to create keyboards with features Apple that doesn't provide, and we'll see a catalog of new keyboards now that iOS 8 is out. Dave Caolo reviewed one earlier today, so the flood of keyboards is...

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Swype being ported to jailbroken iPhones

Swype, the gesture-based alternative keyboard setup popular with Android users, is reportedly being ported to jailbroken iPhones via Cydia, according to MobileCrunch. When Swype was first demoed almost three years ago, we theorized it could be used to make typing easier on the iPhone, but Apple...

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Swype could make typing easier on the iPhone

Still haven't caught on to typing on that little non-tactile keyboard on the iPhone's screen? This little tech, from the creator of the T9 system (dreaded by some, loved by others) being shown off at TC50, could be just the ticket. Swype is kind of like a gesture-based system, except that it uses th...

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