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Internal Apple video shows construction of temp Apple Store at SXSW

For the South by Southwest (SXSW) music / film / interactive festival in 2011, Apple built a temporary pop-up store so that attendees could purchase the second-generation iPad between conference talks or concerts. Now professional thorn-in-the-side-of-Apple Sonny Dickson has posted an internal App...

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A primer on group messaging apps

If you follow our tech startup sister site TechCrunch, or if you've read any of the reports from the South by SouthWest (SXSW) conference this year, you've probably seen a lot of column inches given to current-media-darling "group messaging" apps. SXSW has a reasonable track record of predictin...

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AT&T uses COWs to boost SXSW coverage

Three years ago AT&T took a hit at SXSW with terrible coverage due to unanticipated demand on its service from the then-new iPhone. I was there, and while I didn't have an iPhone at the time (I was still rocking a BlackBerry on Sprint) I did see the slow-to-nonexistent coverage iPhone users su...

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Companies to watch, from the SXSW trade show floor

After a tour of the SXSW trade show floor, here are some of the companies we'll be profiling in the coming weeks. Of course, there's always a mix of companies at SXSW: some film, some music, many web services -- but far fewer social media companies than last year. We've covered RedLaser and L...

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EightBit goes HTML5 for SXSW

Sure, Foursquare is fun if you like that sort of thing (me, I'm too embarrassed to show my friends that I barely leave the house, let alone reveal to them where I go when I do drag myself out of my pit). But really, what you want to have is not just more fun than Foursquare offers -- you want twi...

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