Unboxing a 25-year-old Macintosh IIcx

Greetings retro Mac fans. Do your kids take their iPads for granted? Do they not understand the mind-boggling glory of their now primitive iPod touch? Well gather up the little ones for an hour long, yes hour long, piece of Apple history. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, the f...

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Ron Wayne quits Apple - 30 years ago

The company was just a couple of weeks old, but he had to quit. Ron Wayne, one of the original stakeholders in Apple Computer was apparently worried about debt. I sympathize with Ron's decision, having been involved in one too many startups. Unfortunately, Ron could be a billionaire today if he'd st...

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TWiT Number 38: Comments from the live taping

In lieu of other parties on Tuesday night, I was lucky enough to get registered for the live recording of This Week in Tech, or as it is popularly called, TWiT. For those who don't know, TWiT is one of the most popular podcasts out there, featuring the inimitable Leo Laporte (he used to be on TechTV...

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