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New iPhone? Try these must-have free apps

If you have that new iPhone you received for the holidays, you're probably looking to load it up with some apps that will enhance your mobile experience. Let me suggest some of the best of the free apps. Of course, everyone will have their own list, but here are my 5 favorites that I think most n...

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Tango updated to support iPod touch

This is going to be a great holiday gift for many of our readers. Tango Video Calls, the app that lets you do free video chats with friends over 3G as well as Wi-Fi, has been updated to work on the 4th generation iPod touch. Rather than use the app for registration, you can register via email. The u...

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Tango app dancing to a happy tune

That was fast. The Tango video chatting app for the iPhone has topped one million downloads in the ten days since it launched in the iTunes store. The free app allows phone-to-phone video chat, but unlike the Apple FaceTime app, Tango doesn't require WiFi. It works just fine over 3G networks, and al...

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Want FaceTime on 3G? Try Tango

Tango is a video and audio chatting app that does what FaceTime should have done. It works on a 3G (or a 4G) network. This free app was released last week and I have been testing it over the weekend. It performs pretty much as advertised using it on my iPhone 4. You can make and receive calls over e...

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