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Buffalo Wings is a Flappy Bird clone and 'a fun little family experiment'

After Dong Nguyen pulled Flappy Bird from the App Store, Tapity developer Jeremy Olson decided the time was right for him to learn how to produce a game and explore what makes Flappy Bird so popular. Instead of a solo project, Olson decided to make it a group effort and involve his family members ...

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In-app purchases may [not] be the way of the future

iOS app developer Jeremy Olson of Tapity has written an interesting article on how developers can survive selling apps and yep, paid apps are dead. (Tapity wrote Languages, Grades 3 and Hours, all available in the App Store.) Olson cites anecdotal evidence that people are not buying apps in the q...

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A designer responds to iOS 7

As has been said many times by many people, including Tim Cook, iOS 7 is the biggest change to iOS since the original iPhone launched way back in 2007. With iOS 7, Apple has re-calibrated much of what we've grown accustomed to seeing in previous versions of iOS. iOS 7 introduces a vastly revamped U...

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Languages offers offline translation for the iPhone

Today, Tapity -- maker of the iRadio and iTranslate apps for iOS -- is launching Languages, an all-new translation app that works regardless of an internet connection. Because it doesn't rely on an internet connection like some translation apps, Languages can provide instant results for your queri...

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iBook Lessons: Can an iBooks-only strategy work?

iBook Lessons is a continuing series about ebook writing and publishing. One question I keep encountering is this: "If iBooks Author is so great, can I make enough money selling only through Apple and only to iPad owners to stay in business?" The answer to that is that results will vary. Can ...

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