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Tapjoy alters marketing strategy to comply with App Store changes

Down but not out, Tapjoy confirmed to AllThingsD that it is modifying its incentivized purchases to work within Apple's new ranking system and to ensure its apps will make their way into the App Store. Last week, Apple made changes in its app store ranking system that downplayed the ranking of ...

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Apple banning pay-per-install apps from the App Store says Tapjoy

Apple is not only tweaking its App Store rankings to downrank pay-per-install applications, it may be actively banning these applications from the App Store. According to Tapjoy, several developers within their network are receiving rejection notices from Apple because their applications feature ...

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Apple tweaks app ranking system

Apple has reportedly modified its app ranking system to include criteria besides the number of application downloads. This change was noticed by ad network executives and other companies that monitor the ranking of applications in Apple's iOS App Store. Facebook, Skype and Pandora are three a...

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AdMob withdraws from 3rd party ad networks

AdMob is one of the bigger names in iPhone ad-supported applications. They provide embeddable advertisements that developers can incorporate into otherwise free apps. Recently, third-party ad networks like AdWhirl and Tapjoy have appeared on the scene, offering to negotiate ad displays from multipl...

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