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TeamViewer enhances Remote Control for Macs

TeamViewer is offering a new OS X version of its remote control and online presentation software with some significant feature updates. TeamViewer now starts automatically with system boot and runs in the background. Once connected, the computer or server can be controlled as if the user was ...

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TeamViewer update allows remote file transfer

TeamViewer for the iPhone and TeamViewer HD for the iPad have received new updates that provide support for transferring any file from an iOS mobile device to a computer (and vice versa). Windows PCs as well as Mac OS X Lion and Linux systems are supported. TeamViewer is free for private use, an...

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Team Viewer rolls out Lion friendly update

I've always liked Team Viewer for quick and easy remote control of Macs and PCs. Today, they've pushed out an updated Mac client that has fixed a few small quirks introduced when Lion arrived. One thing to note. The Mac version of Team Viewer doesn't alert you that there is a new version, and i...

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In search of the perfect remote access app: TeamViewer

If you have multiple computers or have to provide support to a remote Mac or PC used by a family member or friend, or if you travel and need to contact your computer at home, you're a customer for some sort of remote access. There are lots of choices, both free and paid. I've tried many, like som...

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Sharing screens with TeamViewer for iPad and Mac

Here at TUAW, we love enthusiastic readers. They tell us what they like and what they don't like, and nothing could be more passionate than the recommendations for TeamViewer that appeared in the comments on a post I recently wrote about using iTeleport and LogMeIn to provide remote support. Given t...

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