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The iPhone user's Down Under travel guide

If you own an iPhone and you're traveling to Australia or New Zealand, you might be wondering how your handset will work Down Under. The good news: as long as you have a GSM-model iPhone (i.e., not the Verizon iPhone), and as long as it's unlocked, your iPhone will work just fine down here. But the...

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Confirmed: No FaceTime in UAE, reported working in SA unless phones are updated

We just got some confirmation on our story earlier this week that FaceTime had gone missing in parts of the world, mostly around the Middle East. @dutweets is the official Twitter account for du, the telecom operator for the iPhone in the United Arab Emirates, and in a tweet just a little while ago...

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The #1 thing I want in the next iPhone: support for 900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA

The next iPhone is widely expected to debut sometime in the next few months, most likely at WWDC, which is rumored to kick off on June 28. Even though that's only a hair over three months away, so far there's been very little revealed about the next iteration of the iPhone either in terms of its app...

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Why I'm not buying an iPhone 3GS in New Zealand (spoiler: it's not Apple's fault)

When Apple announced the 3GS with all its whiz-bang new features, honestly the only thing I cared about was the increase in capacity. Everything else was just a bonus. I had my bank account all primed and ready to buy the thing as soon as it came out down here in New Zealand, but I was also keeping ...

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Worldwide Mac: Using the iPhone in New Zealand

In a previous post, I discussed some of the shortcomings of New Zealand's broadband infrastructure. A lot of you gave some great responses, which led me to realize that although it's certainly not world-class, NZ's broadband isn't quite as bad overall as I thought - it's just my ISP isn't the greate...

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In France, Apple must let other carriers sell iPhone

The French government's competition watchdog told Apple that it must allow other carriers besides Orange to offer the iPhone. Orange is a subsidiary of France Telecom. In September, Orange competitor Bouygues Telecom SA filed a complaint with the Competition Council about the exclusivity agreement....

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China Mobile wants 'cut-down' version of iPhone

China Mobile has asked Apple to remove Wi-Fi and 3G networking from the iPhone for its launch in China, according to Apple's Taiwanese manufacturing partner, Foxconn. China Mobile is asking for the changes to make the phone less appealing to those who would unlock the phone and use it on its major r...

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