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Backing up your iPhone's text messages

Whether it's for personal or legal reasons, you may want to back up text messages -- both SMS and iMessage. Think about wanting to keep a personal memory of a friend or relative who died suddenly, or the importance of keeping threatening texts from someone, and you'll see why it's important to have ...

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FunMail adds instant images to Facebook status & MMS

At the risk of invoking a round of reader rage, I'll admit that I've never really been that hyped on the idea of MMS on the iPhone (and, by the way, get off my lawn). If I want to send someone a picture, I've got their email address; I'll just send them a picture. No big whoop. I do have some fri...

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Yet another iPhone security bug

Just when you thought your iPhone was more secure than ever, you might want to think again. Programmer Karl Kraft's 12-year-old son was the one to uncover the security risk of the iPhone displaying text messages while in emergency call mode. With the iPhone locked with a passcode and text message p...

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SMS Mac - send SMS from Address Book - for a price

Since we found it, SMS Mac has stirred conflict between price and convenience for us here at TUAW, but I nevertheless felt it pertinent to blog the latest v2.1. Besides the $10/yearly price and $5/50 SMS messages, quit a bit has changed from that original version. It now includes both a Dashboard ...

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