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Tag: TextToSpeech

New iOS app Winston is your Siri personal assistant for news

Winston is a new and ambitious product from Colorado-based startup, Reactor Labs. It's a take on the Siri personal assistant idea that focuses on news instead of sending messages. At the heart of the app is Winston, a personable British butler that compiles a daily brief from your selected news...

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TUAW and MacTech interview: iSpeech

iSpeech makes text to speech tech available for free to iOS developers (with support for other platforms as well), and it's the tech used in TechCrunch has a nice writeup of iSpeech here. In this video, Neil Ticktin (Editor-in-Chief, MacTech Magazine) interviews Yaron Oren of iS...

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Changes to Nuance developer program will result in a flood of voice enabled apps

The company behind the Dragon speech recognition applications for computers and iOS devices has announced a new developer program that will allow software to access Dragon Voice technology at no charge. It could result in a tidal wave of apps that harness the power of the Nuance speech recognit...

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Nuance buys SVOX ahead of iOS 5 release

There's a whole trail of rumors hinting at an upcoming deal between speech recognition company Nuance and Apple. For quite a while now (ever since Apple picked up personal assistant software maker Siri), the scuttlebuzz has claimed that the folks in Cupertino would make a deal with Nuance for s...

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Apple patent reveals a text-to-speech and speech-to-text system for the iPhone

Apple recently filed a patent application for a text-to-speech and a speech-to-text converter designed to work in noisy environments. The patent describes a system that uses a converter included on the logic board of the phone. This hardware-based conversion would have a distinct advantage over...

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Voice Brief for iPhone is a great text-to-speech app with lots of potential

Want an assistant to help you keep up with your world and the world at large? Voice Brief might be just the thing. This US$1.99 app will read your Facebook updates, Twitter feed, email (with limitations), weather, schedule, stock prices that you follow, and even the latest news from RSS feeds of ...

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On the road with the latest Navigon MobileNavigator

The iOS 4 update to MobileNavigator North America has been eagerly awaited by fans of the best selling turn-by-turn navigation system, and overall I'd call the update a win. To test the system, I took a drive from Southern Arizona to Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix. First off, having the multitaski...

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Mac Automation: Make your text speak its mind

Have you ever wanted to type something into your Mac and have it record what you typed audibly using any one of the Mac OS X voices? It's easily done with a few Automator actions, and in this Mac Automation post, I'll show you how. Open Automator and find the following actions, then drag them to ...

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Mac 101: Make any text speak to you

Have you ever wished your Mac could read a long text document to you? Well, with the speech service, you can easily have your Mac read as much or as little text as you want. While in Safari, TextEdit, Pages, and other applications; select the text you want to be read, then click the application nam...

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GhostReader 1.5: text to audiobook

GhostReader is a text to speech application that allows you to have your computer read aloud PDF, Word, and text files and save the output in a variety of formats for importing into iTunes. While Mac OS X does have built-in text to speech capabilities in the Universal Access Preference Pane (VoiceOv...

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