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Jon Stewart interviews Jobs biographer Walter Isaacson

Walter Isaacson recently appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote his biography of Steve Jobs. In the seven-minute interview (embedded below), Stewart and Isaacson discuss the the process of writing the biography while trying to stay objective about its subject -- a task Isaacson ad...

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Found Footage: Jon Stewart scolds Apple over the Gizmodo stolen iPhone fracas

Leave it to Jon Stewart to put things into perspective. In this segment from The Daily Show, Jon satirically cops to being an Apple user since the 80s and takes Apple to task for stealing the evil empire crown from Microsoft in their handling of the Gizmodo lost iPhone incident. After Giz gave ba...

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Colbert Report, Daily Show in iTunes

As of earlier this morning (8:00 AM EST), there is a page for both The Colbert Report [iTunes link] and the Daily Show [iTunes Link] in the iTunes Music Store, though they still do not contain any available episodes. The sale of these shows is being handled a bit differently. You can buy a "mu...

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