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Video: Full presentation of John Lasseter accepting the Disney Legends Award on Steve Jobs' behalf

While Apple will always be remembered by the general public as Steve Jobs' greatest accomplishment, his contribution to film history by helping build Pixar may end up being his unsung legacy. Pixar's cutting edge technology and commitment to exceptional storytelling changed children's films from s...

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Disney to honor Steve Jobs with Disney Legends Award at D23 Expo

Every year Disney holds its D23 Expo for Disney fans, who flock to Anaheim to experience the magic that is Disney. Besides exhibits and live performances, the Expo also hosts an annual Disney Legends Ceremony that honors people who have made integral contributions to The Walt Disney Company. Steve...

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Local notification spam: Devs, please don't do that

Want to know a quick road to a bad app review from your users? Local notification spam. Frankly, we're sick of it. You spam us, we'll toss your app off our phones like *snap* that. Just because local notifications don't require opt-in doesn't mean that developers should abuse them for marketing....

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